Stephen William Dean has been observing the world for 70 years.

Life took him to many places & jobs, creating hectic cycles of joys & pains, developing an emotional intelligence only matched by the untapped creativity of a child. 

Channeling his Attention Deficit Disorder, he is now producing uplifting images to reflect on his life experience, processing emotions, filtering informations, manipulating flow, offering warmth and vibrancy. 

Stephen's healing vision could be compared to an orchestra, where he's at the same time the musicians, the conductor, the sound and the silence. Loud or intimate, his images, or visual soundscapes, share the secrets of a lifetime. 

Stephen’s process is based on combining and manipulating textures, shapes and colours. Abstract photography, digital exploration and pure intuition merge into a modern day collage technique to express his vision. 

© Stephen William Dean 2021